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27.11.-29.11.2015IBU Cup Biathlon 1
30.11.-06.12.2015BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon 1
07.12.-14.12.2015BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon 2
10.12.-13.12.2015IBU Cup Biathlon 2
11.12.-13.12.2015IBU Junior Cup Biathlon 1
14.12.-20.12.2015BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon 3
17.12.-22.12.2015IBU Cup Biathlon 3
17.12.-19.12.2015IBU Junior Cup Biathlon 2
04.01.-10.01.2016BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon 4
08.01.-10.01.2016IBU Junior Cup Biathlon 3
08.01.-10.01.2016IBU Cup Biathlon 4
11.01.-17.01.2016BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon 5
14.01.-17.01.2016IBU Cup Biathlon 5
18.01.-24.01.2016BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon 6
20.01.-23.01.2016IBU Cup Biathlon 6
25.01.-02.02.2016IBU Youth/Junior World Championships
01.02.-07.02.2016BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon 7
08.02.-14.02.2016BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon 8
12.02.-14.02.2016IBU Cup Biathlon 7
22.02.-28.02.2016IBU Open European Championships
29.02.-13.03.2016IBU World Championships Biathlon
09.03.-13.03.2016IBU Cup Biathlon 8
14.03.-20.03.2016BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon 9
16.03.-20.03.2016IBU Junior Open European Championships
live results english
live results english
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September/October Most Important Months

Lukas Hofer; Amazing Feeling Back on Snow

Hard Work and Volume during Summer

Sergey Semenov: “Starting from Scratch”

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