Russians Victorious in Junior Sprints

24.09.2011, Nove Mesto / IBU Info PL/JKJ
2011 IBU Biathlon Summer World Championships
After a training and rest day on Friday, the Junior Women’s Sprint kicked off today’s competitions as Olga Galich led a field of 66 with single penalty to take the World Championships title.

Copyright IBU/Kvetoslav FRGAL

Second Gold Medal

Galich’s one penalty was just enough to give her the win in 24:01 and her second medal of these 2011 Summer Biathlon World Championships. She was the leadoff leg in Russia’s Gold medal team in Thursday’s Mixed Relay.

Success for Poland

Monika Hojnisz of Poland had two standing penalties, but nevertheless was a half minute ahead of the Bronze medalist Juliya Dhzyma of Ukraine. The medal by Hojnisz took away some of the disappointment from the Mixed relay where Poland finished ninth. Likewise, the Ukrainian picked up a medal after fourth in that same competition.  

 Hat Trick for Russian Junior Men

One hour after the Junior Women finished sixty-six Junior Men started their medal hunt in the 10K Sprint. The Russian Federation had won both Gold medals in the Mixed Relays and after Galich’s earlier win took all three medals in this competition.  None of the medalists avoided the penalty loop as Gold medalist Vladimir Golobokov, Ivan Kryukov, und Dmitrii Diuzhev, had three, two and four penalties respectively.  Nonetheless, they kept the clean-shooting Oleksandr Danko of Ukraine in fourth place. Only Danko and Michal Zak of the Czech Republic shot clean.

Today’s medals for Golobokov and Kryukov were their second of the week as both were part of the winning Mixed Relay on Thursday.