Mixed Relay Tomorrow in Obertilliach

13.12.2011, Obertilliach / IBU Inf. Dept TO
IBU Cup 3
The preparations for the 2013 the IBU Youth and Junior World Championships are well under way by the looks of the biathlon stadium in Obertilliach. This year, the officials and teams are already enjoying the good conditions, with this IBU Cup 3 starting exceptionally early this week with the mixed relay on Wednesday.

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25 Nations

Twenty-five nations have registered a relay team of two female and two male athletes for tomorrow. “That’s a good thing,” explained French coach Jean Pierre Amat. “This competition is good because in previous years we normally had a long break here, from Monday when everyone arrives until Friday. Now, the relay motivates the athletes and they can practice it before they get to the World Cup level.”

Russia, Germany, Norway

The athletes are also looking forward to this opportunity, to try another competition other than the usual ones in the IBU Cup. Today, training included loading spare rounds and handing over. The favorites, of course, are not new to relay competitions as they regularly start in relays at national championships or the IBU YJWCH or IBU OECH.


The result s in these relays indicate the favorites where many of the competitors have been on the podium in recent seasons, when at least one of the top teams,Russia, Germany or Norway were always on the podium. However, the mixed relay can also produce surprises. Teams from Sweden, Italy, Belarus, France, Switzerland, Ukraine or the home team Austria have managed to slip between these  “relay superpowers” on occasion.


Conditions for this first relay competition of the IBU Cup series are great. The OC Obertilliach built a new stadium building over the summer,  already being used for offices, timing rooms and a room for athletes and team though some of that is still temporary. The coaches now get to the shooting range via a new tunnel and the wax containers are lined up with a parking spot for every team right in front of their container.


Even though Obertilliach has not much natural snow so far, the tracks are hard and in good shape with artificial snow produced during the last few weeks, when many teams were training here, including some other Nordic squads that were here up until this week.

However, from tomorrow on, the stadium belongs to the biathletes and they plan to have fun during an exciting competition in which they will give all for their team.