German Day at OECH

31.01.2012, Osrblie / IBU Info TO
Böhm Takes Gold; Bronze to Lesser
Two of the athletes on the podium after this afternoon’s men’s 20K individual were German, just like in the women’s 15k this morning. Gold went to clean-shooting Daniel Böhm who covered the distance in 48:20.7. Second place went to Artem Pryma of Ukraine, who also shot clean but was 1:06.7 slower. Bronze went to Böhm’s teammate Erik Lesser with two penalties, 1:31.7 back.

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First Time 20-for-20

Böhm started 18th and was head-to-head with Julian Eberhard from Austria until the third stage when the Austrian picked up a penalty while Böhm cleaned. The German commented, “This is the first time in a competition that I hit all 20 targets and I have been doing biathlon for about 15 or so years now.” When the last target turned white, coach Remo Krug gave Böhm the “Thumbs Up,” as a victory gesture.

Nothing to Drink

That gesture was justified because even at that early stage only Lesser could have caught Böhm. However, Lesser made a “stupid mistake” during the final standing stage and finished third. The German was not unhappy about that and laughed at the finish, “I had a lot of fun on the tracks today, also with my coach Andi Stitzl who cheered me on. Andi wanted to give me something to drink but Benedikt Doll was ahead of me and got something first. Then Andi was about five steps too slow to give something to me. Usually this would affect me, but today I was easygoing enough that we both could laugh about it.”


Artem Pryma of Ukraine won the Silver medal. He was not totally happy with his performance today, though. “Today in the morning I thought I should shoot zero today and I did. I am happy about that but I am a bit disappointed that I am only in second place with clean shooting.”

Fourth place went to Sergey Klyachin of Russia with one penalty, 1:42.5 back, with Norwegian Martin Eng in fifth with one penalty, 2:18.2 back. Eberhard finished sixth, with two penalties, 2:21.4 back.

On Wednesday, the junior men and women will fight for Gold in their individual competitions. Due to the forecast low temperatures, the junior women will also start at 11 and the junior men at 1:30, using 20-second interval starts.