Gold for Norway’s Huber in Osrblie

01.02.2012, Osrblie / IBU Info TO
IBU OECH Biathlon
Norway’s Marion Roenning Huber won the junior women’s 12.5K individual competition at the IBU Open European Championships Biathlon in Osrblie today. Her winning time of 39:13.7 with one penalty put her, 1:23.9 ahead of Olga Galich of Russia with two penalties. Nicole Gontier of Italy won the Bronze with three penalties, 1:37.9 back.

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Huber explained afterwards that she had felt tired before the start and thus started slowly. However, she got into a good rhythm and got a solid lead by clean shooting during the first three shooting stages while her competitors all missed early. “The most important thing today was the shooting and I took time at the shooting range today. When I had 15 hits I started thinking that I could get 19 or 20 today. When I had the miss, I was nervous and my legs were shaking a little bit but I focused and hit the others.”

Back Pain

Galich also did not feel well before the start. She had back pain and even considered not starting today. “Now I am happy that I started and won a medal”, she explained at the finish. Galich said that she was slower and more careful in the downhills than usual because she was afraid that she or one of her competitors would fall in the curve at the end of the downhill.

Hate the Cold

Third place went to Gontier   who also would have preferred not to start today as it was minus 14 degrees in the sun before the start. “It was very cold and I was a bit afraid before the start because I hate the cold. But then I did not think of anything and my race went well. My skiing was good and my shooting as well. Three misses is good for me,” she commented with a big smile.

Fourth place went to the European sprint Champion Niya Dimitrova with three penalties, 2:18.3 back. Fifth place went to Gontier’s teammate Alexia Runggaldier who was weakened during today’s competition due to some health problems the last few days. She had three penalties and was 2:26.1 back. Sixth place went to a beaming Eva Puskarcikova of Czech Republic with one penalty, 2:30.3 back, who happily jumped into her coach’s arms at the finish.

Simultaneous Competitions

These IBU OECH will end with the senior men’s and women’s relay competitions on Thursday. Due to the extreme cold and in order to use all the midday sun, these competitions will take place simultaneously with the men starting at 11.30 and the women at 11.32.