Clean-Shooting Peiffer Takes Pursuit

04.02.2012, Oslo / IBU Info JK
Svendsen Moves Up to Second
Germany’s Arnd Peiffer moved from second in the sprint to first today in the men’s 12.5K pursuit, with a dominating clean shooting performance on the shooting range. Peiffer’s time of 31:44, put him 31.2 seconds ahead of Norway’s Emil Hegle Svendsen, with two penalties. Sprint winner Evgeniy Garanichev of Russia was third, also with two penalties, 36.3 seconds back.

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First Career Win for Garanichev

Fourth went to France’s Martin Fourcade, with one penalty, 1:03 back. Jakov Fak of Slovenia was fifth, with two penalties, 1:08 back, just ahead of the USA’s Tim Burke, who shot clean.

Garanichev, then Peiffer

The men had to deal with the same cold weather that challenged the women earlier today, but added to it was bit of light snow to make things interesting. Garanichev lead the train to the first prone stage where he knocked down the five targets rapidly, as did Peiffer. The two left virtually together, with Svendsen less than 10 seconds behind. A big pack of 15 men also shot clean, but trailed well behind the top three. The top two repeated in the second prone but Svendsen took a penalty loop and slipped to fifth, allowing Ustyugov to move in third position just ahead of the USA’s Lowell Bailey.

Svendsen Pushes to Second

Peiffer cleaned the first standing stage, while his Russian rival had a penalty. Svendsen cleaned as did Ustyugov and the rapidly moving-up Fourcade. These three left the shooting range together about 30 seconds behind Peiffer and 14 seconds behind Garanichev. In the final standing stage, Peiffer drilled all five shots and left with a big lead as all of his rivals had at least one penalty. Garanichev remained in second position, 36 seconds back, with Svendsen just seven second farther back and Fourcade another seven back as they went out for the final 2.5K.  With 1700 meters to go, Svendsen was on the Russian’s heels, while Peiffer was cruising home. Coming into the stadium Svendsen blasted past Garanichev, took a look back and was easily second.

First Pursuit Win

Peiffer’s win today was his first World Cup victory in a competition other than the sprint. He commented, “The sprint is still my favorite, but I showed today that I can win something other than a sprint…It was pretty exciting!”

Had Better Days

Regarding what looked like a perfect competition, he said, “I have had some races when I felt better on the tracks and some where I shot faster, but with the perfect shooting and the win today, it was perfect in some ways.”

Sprint on the Flat

Svendsen made a big push in the stadium to pass Garanichev for second place commented on that effort. “It was my tactic to wait for the flat where I am the strongest and I did that. I knew that Evgeniy would attack on the uphills where he is strongest, so I waited and it worked pretty well.”

Lone Norwegian

On being the lone Norwegian on the podium today, he added, “I feel good that I am on the podium! I would like to have some teammates up there with me more often but hat has not been the case. We are only half way through the season and hopefully by the end of the year, our team will be better than we are now.”

No Pressure

Even though he was passed by Svendsen, Garanichev was pleased with his performance, feeling little pressure. “I relaxed some yesterday, so today, I just tried to concentrate, work hard and succeed…I did not have great speed in the first part of the competition today, but found my own tempo and my shooting was not that bad, so it was still a good day for me.”

The final competitions here will be the women’s and men’s mass starts tomorrow afternoon.