"We're pretty drained anyways" - Interview with Magdalena Neuner

21.01.2009, Antholz/Anterselva / J├╝rgen Palme
Six-time World Champion happy with some solid results in Antholz
With her clean hat-trick in Ruhpolding, six-time World Champion Magdalena Neuner reestablished her claim as the fastest skier in the Biathlon World Cup after some effective training sessions during the christmas break that made up for the training time she lost before the start of the season. After victories in the relay, the sprint and the pursuit she seems ready for the Antholz World Cup, the last before the World Champs in February.

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Whether the 21-year-old will again be able to give it "more than 100%" (Neuner on her performance in Ruhpolding), will have to be seen. Neuner herself would be happy with some "solid results". Do you know when you last managed a hat-trick?

Magdalena Neuner: I'm not completely sure. I think it was two years ago in Oslo and Khanty Mansiysk. I had three or four wins in a row. What do three wins in a row feel like.

Neuner: Great, it generates a whole lot of self confidence. In the past, I hadn't been very successful in Ruhpolding. Something or other always went wrong. But not this time, everything came together. But a hat-trick, that doesn't happen all that often. Can you describe a bit more precisely what it felt like?

Neuner: Winning a race, well, that can happen. Two in a row is great, but three is awesome. And you did it in your own country, in front of this incredible crowd in Ruhpolding. Does that increase the value?

Neuner: Of course, especially with my family watching. Not all at the same time, though. They spread their attendance over all of the competitions. Does it make a difference if the family is watching?

Neuner: Yes, it means a lot to me. I always have their presence in the back of my mind during the competition, kind of like: "Show 'em!" And if the race is really tough, I think: "Come on now. Do it for the family!" Is your winning streak going to continue in Antholz?

Neuner: I'm quite confident and I expect some good results. I don't expect to continue winning. It's a little strange, you know: The deck is being dealt anew before each race. That's because of the different courses, atmospheres and all that. The last two World Cups in Germany were very strenuous, with all the excitement on the side. And the "Südtirol Arena Alto Adige" is at 1631 meters above sea level, the roof of the tour, if you will. Does the altitude bother you?

Neuner: We're pretty drained anyways, that's not because of the altitude. I always managed to run quite well in Antholz and never had any problems. And there are quite a lot of fans here at our hotel, especially when we eat. But I learned to handle it. You can learn anything if you need to.